1: 1. Toy Story: Look closely and spot a quick Tom and Jerry cameo in Andy's bedroom as they race across the shelves! #ClassicCartoonCollide

2: 2. The Great Gatsby: During the grand party scene, a champagne glass-clinking duo of Tom and Jerry can be seen sneaking through the crowd! #Roaring20sHijinks

3: 3. Zootopia: In the bustling city, keep your eyes peeled for a billboard advertising a movie starring none other than Tom and Jerry! #AnimalMischief

4: 4. Lilo & Stitch: Catch a glimpse of Experiment 110, known as Squeak, an adorable mouse-like creature inspired by Tom and Jerry's dynamic! #InterstellarWhiskers

5: 5. Ready Player One: In the thrilling virtual world, find Tom and Jerry engaged in their classic chase as one of the challenges! #80sNostalgicMayhem

6: Conclusion: These hidden nods to Tom and Jerry in popular movies bring a touch of nostalgia and entertainment to fans across generations! #UnforgettableAnimatedIcons

7: About Tom and Jerry: Tom and Jerry, created by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera, is an iconic cartoon series known for its timeless humor and endless chase sequences between a mischievous cat and a clever mouse.

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