1: 1. "Cat and Dupli-cat": Witness Tom's hilarious attempts to outsmart a mischievous duplicate, creating chaos around the house.

2: 2. "The Two Mouseketeers": Join Tom and Jerry in their swashbuckling adventure as they parody the iconic tale of sword-fighting heroes.

3: 3. "Jerry and Jumbo": Prepare to be amazed as Tom's plans to capture Jerry go awry when a friendly elephant enters the picture.

4: 4. "Blue Cat Blues": Experience the emotional side of Tom and Jerry as they face heartbreak, showcasing their extraordinary depth of character.

5: 5. "The Mansion Cat": Marvel at the amusing circumstances when Tom inherits a luxurious mansion, turning into a reluctant butler to Jerry.

6: 6. "The Cat Concerto": Be astonished by the comical rivalry between Tom, a determined pianist, and Jerry, who won't let him finish his performance.

7: 7. "Mouse Trouble": Witness the hilarious mayhem as Tom tries to rid his house of Jerry, only to face a technological twist that backfires.

8: 8. "Cannery Rodent": Hold your breath as Tom navigates through a dangerous canned fish factory, with Jerry cleverly staying one step ahead.

9: 9. "Tot Watchers": Laugh out loud as Tom and Jerry must team up to keep an adventurous baby safe while their typical chaos unfolds around them.