1: 1. Gabriel Macht returns as Harvey Specter, the charismatic lawyer with unmatched wit, in this Suits spinoff web series.

2: 2. Gina Torres reprises her role as the brilliant and stylish Jessica Pearson, adding a touch of sophistication to the new storyline.

3: 3. Patrick J. Adams surprises fans with a special appearance as Mike Ross, the quick-thinking legal prodigy we couldn't get enough of.

4: 4. Meghan Markle makes a delightful cameo, bringing her charming presence back as the unstoppable Rachel Zane.

5: 5. Sarah Rafferty's Donna Paulsen brings her signature sass and loyalty, reminding us why she was one of the most beloved characters.

6: 6. Rick Hoffman returns as the uncompromising Louis Litt, reprising his role with a perfect blend of quirkiness and tenacity.

7: 7. Amanda Schull graces the screen as the determined and talented Katrina Bennett, adding depth to the intriguing storyline.

8: 8. Dulé Hill's smooth-talking Alex Williams contributes his legal expertise to the web series, keeping viewers on their toes.

9: 9. Katherine Heigl surprises fans as Samantha Wheeler, a fierce lawyer with a complex past, making her presence felt in every scene.