1: Get ready for the exciting and highly anticipated Gina Torres spinoff! Discover the characters we'd love to see from the cancelled spinoff of Suits.

2: Harvey Specter, the charismatic attorney, remains a fan favorite and must make a comeback in the Gina Torres spinoff!

3: Jessica Pearson's strong presence and outstanding legal skills left us craving more. She's definitely a must-have character in the new spinoff.

4: Donna Paulsen's sass and wit added a unique flavor to Suits. We can't wait to see her captivating performance in the Gina Torres spinoff.

5: Mike Ross, the brilliant legal prodigy, captivated us with his intellect and charisma. Let's hope he returns in the much-anticipated spinoff.

6: Rachel Zane's determination and ambition made her character truly inspiring. Her return in the Gina Torres spinoff would be a dream come true.

7: Louis Litt's eccentric personality and surprising vulnerability won our hearts. He would bring some much-needed humor to the new spinoff.

8: Alex Williams' sharp legal mind and unwavering loyalty would make an excellent addition to the cast of the Gina Torres spinoff.

9: Finally, the exquisite Zane family dynamic, with Robert and Samantha Zane, would only add to the depth and complexity of the Gina Torres spinoff.