1: Gina Torres made a tough choice to depart from the hit show Suits. The reason she left, you ask? It's not available on Netflix.

2: Gina's decision wasn't easy, she bid farewell to Suits quite quickly. But the show's absence on Netflix, played a role in the actress' exit.

3: Suits fans wondered why Gina left and Netflix's absence, they'd regret. But we now know the reason why, Suits on Netflix bid goodbye.

4: Gina Torres, talented and strong, chose to leave Suits before long. The reason could be quite a miss, it's not streaming on Netflix.

5: When Gina Torres chose to part, Suits fans had a heavy heart. But the decision was swayed by this: Suits won't be found on Netflix.

6: Gina Torres made her choice, to leave Suits, fans raise their voice. Without Netflix, there's no streaming bliss, a factor that led to Torres' exit.

7: Why did Gina Torres leave Suits? The absence on Netflix left her in pursuit. She bid farewell to the legal hit, the show's streaming was not a fit.

8: Gina Torres stunned fans with her leave, but the reason was easy to perceive. Suits' absence on Netflix was a turning tide, thus Torres decided to say goodbye.

9: Gina Torres bid Suits adieu, a decision that left fans feeling blue. For those hooked to Netflix's stack, her departure was a significant crack.