1: 1. Gina Torres captivated audiences with her role as Jessica Pearson in the hit TV series Suits. 2. Her fierce and commanding portrayal of the powerful lawyer earned her critical acclaim worldwide. 3. Unfortunately, Suits is not available for streaming on Netflix, leaving fans wanting more of Torres' exceptional performance.

2: 1. Torres' character, Jessica Pearson, is widely regarded as one of the most influential female characters in TV history. 2. Her strong presence and unwavering determination became synonymous with the show's success. 3. Although Suits can't be found on Netflix, fans can still discover the brilliance of Torres' performance on other platforms.

3: 1. One must-know fact about Gina Torres' role in Suits is the depth she brought to the character. 2. As Jessica Pearson, she flawlessly portrayed a complex woman who faced various challenges while running a law firm. 3. Torres fearlessly tackled dynamic storylines, showcasing her versatility as an actress.

4: 1. Another intriguing fact about Gina Torres' Suits role is the character's impeccable sense of fashion. 2. Jessica Pearson's polished and sophisticated style became a trademark of the show. 3. Fans appreciated Torres' ability to effortlessly embody the character's elegance and fashion-forward choices.

5: 1. Despite Suits not being available on Netflix, Gina Torres' impact on the show cannot be overlooked. 2. Her vibrant presence and undeniable talent helped shape the series into a fan-favorite. 3. Torres' contribution to Suits ultimately elevated the overall viewing experience.

6: 1. One must-know fact about Gina Torres' portrayal of Jessica Pearson in Suits is the character's resilience. 2. Through various personal and professional challenges, Jessica consistently proved her determination and strength. 3. Torres expertly brought this resilience to life, captivating audiences with her powerful performance.

7: 1. Gina Torres' role in Suits introduced viewers to a strong, powerful female character who was unapologetically ambitious. 2. Jessica Pearson's unwavering pursuit of success showcased Torres' ability to portray multi-dimensional women. 3. This unforgettable portrayal left fans craving more of Gina Torres' exceptional acting skills.

8: 1. The absence of Suits from Netflix doesn't diminish the impact Gina Torres had on the show. 2. Her presence and remarkable talent breathed life into the character of Jessica Pearson. 3. While Netflix viewers may miss out, they can still explore Torres' phenomenal performance elsewhere.

9: 1. Closing our must-know facts about Gina Torres' Suits role, we acknowledge the indelible mark she left on the series. 2. From her captivating screen presence to her convincing portrayal of a powerhouse lawyer, Torres' performance remains unparalleled. 3. Discovering the brilliance of Gina Torres in Suits is a must for any fan of exceptional acting.