1: 1. Jessica Pearson - As the powerful managing partner, Jessica's leadership and legal prowess are sorely missed in the Gina Torres spinoff.

2: 2. Mike Ross - The brilliant yet fraudulent lawyer's absence leaves a void in the story, as his unique wit and chemistry with other characters are irreplaceable.

3: 3. Harvey Specter - Known for his confidence and razor-sharp legal skills, Harvey's dynamic character and mentorship are sorely missed in the Gina Torres spinoff.

4: 4. Rachel Zane - The compassionate paralegal-turned-lawyer brought a fresh perspective to the legal world, and her absence is keenly felt in the spinoff series.

5: 5. Donna Paulsen - The astute and fiercely loyal executive assistant's absence is felt deeply, as her wit, sass, and unwavering support added a unique charm to the original show.

6: 6. Louis Litt - The eccentric and quirky lawyer's absence in the spinoff leaves a void in both comedy and drama, as his evolving character brought depth to the original series.

7: 7. Alex Williams - As a skilled corporate lawyer with his own set of ambitions, Alex's absence in the spinoff affects the dynamics and relationships within the legal team.

8: 8. Katrina Bennett - Her fiery personality and tenacious work ethic added an intriguing twist, and her absence in the spinoff leaves fans longing for her vibrant presence.

9: 9. Robert Zane - The experienced lawyer and mentor's absence diminishes the series' legal prowess, as his wisdom and guidance were invaluable to the original show.